4 Quick And Affordable Ways To Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal


Rolling Thunder Professionally Cleaning A Clients Driveway And Walkways.

Curb appeal is how your home appears from the outside or the street and it’s something every homeowner who cares about their property should be concerned with.  If your home is dirty and covered with grime it’s not going to look very appealing and will detract from the value of your home.

Why Would You Want To Improve Your Curb Appeal?

  • Are you preparing to sell your home?
  • Are you hosting an important event or a party?
  • Have you been neglecting your home and property and now it shows?
  • Do you need to get your home appraised?

You may want to improve your curb appeal for a variety of reasons but in most cases you want to do something that won’t cost a fortune and can be done rather quickly.  Here are 4 different ways to quickly and affordably improve your home or buildings curb appeal without breaking the bank.

House Washing

Your home exterior can get really dirty over time and depending on the environment around your home it can happen really quickly.  This is why homes that haven’t been washed in several years make great candidates for a house washing.

Maybe you live close to a highway or busy street?  Your home can get covered in soot from the exhaust.  Maybe you have a gravel road in front of your home or a gravel driveway?  Your home can get covered in dust and dirt.  Maybe you have lots of plants, shrubs, and trees that surround your home?  Your home can get dirty with sap and pollen.

A simple test you can do to see if your home could benefit from a house washing is to just take your finger and run it along a section of your siding.  Is it nice and smooth or do you feel lots of bumps and debris?  Is your finger clean or is there a layer of scum on your finger after doing this?  If your finger is dirty after giving your home exterior a quick swipe then you’d probably be amazed at what a good professional house washing would do for your curb appeal.

House Washing Done Safely

Using a power washer to wash the exterior of your home is actually not considered best practice and can cause expensive damage to your home especially if you have vinyl or stucco siding.  Instead of power washing we use a method called “soft washing” that uses environmentally friendly detergents, a little bit of elbow grease (scrubbing), and then rinsing the exterior surfaces with a low-pressure but high volume stream of water to safely wash away the dirt and grime.  What is left behind is a beautifully cleaned exterior surface.

Gutter Cleaning and Washing

Your gutters run along the edge of your roof and play an important role in the functionality of your home.  While cleaning out your gutters is an important home maintenance task it’s not something that makes a big visual difference in your curb appeal… Who is actually looking inside your gutters anyway?  Likely nobody.  However, the outside surfaces of your gutters are something everybody can see and on many homes they are often dirty and dark with algae and grime, especially if the gutters overflow.

When your gutters overflow frequently when full with leaves and other organic debris that debris and micro-organisms gets washed over the face of your gutters.  Your gutters will appear dark and dingy and will have a layer of grime, often called “tiger stripes” along the face of the gutters.  The underside of the gutters will also be dirty and you won’t even be able to recognize what color they were supposed to be.

Cleaning the exteriors of your gutter surfaces can immediately restore their finish and make them look shiny and new again.  It’s a dramatic difference if you’ve never cleaned your gutter surfaces before.

We clean out your gutters of all the debris and leaves but we also clean the exteriors of your gutters too.  Using a power washer and a scrub brush will have your gutters looking like new and it doesn’t take a huge amount of time to complete for a big visual difference in curb appeal.

Driveway Cleaning

Your driveway represents the largest surface area in the front of your property.  If your property is surrounded by trees it’s likely that organic debris is always falling on your driveway.  This organic debris can quickly lead to algae and moss growth, especially in shady areas of your driveway.  You might also have weeds or other plants growing up from the cracks in your driveway or in between the bricks and paving stones.  Your vehicles are constantly bringing dirt and grime onto your driveway as well.

There is not much that can be done for the appearance of a gravel driveway but if your driveway is made out of concrete or brick then having it covered with algae, dirt, grime, and moss isn’t going to make your home look very good and it’s actually very quick and easy for a professional to come and clean your driveway.

Using a special power washing attachment called a “surface cleaner” a professional power washing company can quickly and safely wash your driveway and remove years of built-up grime.  The surface cleaners usually cover 24″ to 48″ of ground and can be run up and down the driveway safely cleaning the surface with an even amount of pressure.

Brick Driveways And Polymeric Sand

If you have a brick or paver driveway then you’ve probably noticed that weeds and plants can grow up in between the cracks.  While a quick power wash with a surface cleaner will remove them all it doesn’t do much to prevent their growth.  This is where the application of polymeric sand comes into play.  Polymeric sand is a special sand that is applied between the bricks and paving stones and after it’s spread and is lightly wetted it becomes very hard.  A proper application of polymeric sand can work to prevent future weed growth in between your pavers.

Not every power washing company will tell you this because many don’t care but if you have a brick or paver driveway don’t overlook this important step.

Wash Your Windows

Windows are usually the last thing a home or building owner thinks about when it comes to cleaning their property or improving their curb appeal but windows can actually get really dirty and having them professionally cleaned will make an immediate improvement in the appearance of your home.  Water spots, dirt, dust, and pollen can build-up on your exterior window surface and on the interior you have kids fingerprints, dust, and pet nose-prints.

When you have your windows cleaned professionally your windows will be so clean it will almost look like there isn’t any glass there!  This will brighten up your home and make your windows shine like new.

Hiring a professional window washing company makes this task easy as we have the right equipment including squeegees and ladders to reach those hard-to-reach windows that you might have been neglecting for years.

Want To Improve Your Curb Appeal?  Rolling Thunder Can Help!

Rolling Thunder Window Cleaning is an exterior cleaning company serving Lorain County and Cuyahoga County, Ohio.  Depending on the condition of your exterior surfaces we can put together an affordable package to address all or a few of the services listed above.  Usually, in less than a day and for under $1000, we can have your exterior surfaces cleaned and looking great once again for an immediate improvement in curb appeal.

If you’d like to discuss an exterior cleaning package for your home or property please give us a call 440-897-6317 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get right back to you.

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